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GasPro Archery

Gas Pro Olympic Recurve Scope Kit

Gas Pro Olympic Recurve Scope Kit

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Gas Pro Olympic Recurve Scope. We made it with an innovative material and a 3D manufacturing process, supplied with an Interchangeable 2mm Red Dot and 0.039'' Fiber Pin (1 green and 1 red included).
Both aiming system could be 360 degrees oriented. In order to a simple adjustmentment, we provide a special key to move the Aiming Ring easily.
You can choose Center Rings with 5 color options (Black, White, Red*, Blue* and Fluo Green* sold separately), to reach a comfortable view of the target and an ultimate aiming experience.
Choose from a All Black Combo (1 Black Body + 2 Black Center Rings) or a All White Combo (1 White Body + 2 White Center Rings). Gas Pro Olympic Recurve Scope is 100% Made in Italy.

1x Olympic Recurve Scope Body
2x Center Rings
1x Red Dot
1x 0.039'' Green Fiber Pin
1x 0.039'' Red Fiber Pin
1x Gas Pro Orientation Key

Available 0.029'' Red and Green Pin Fibers, sold separately.

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