UltraView Hinge

Regular price $299.99

The Large is 20% larger when compared to the medium.

Accessory finger attachments for large - coming soon.

You take your archery seriously — thats why once you feel the HINGE you’ll know what makes it special. It has been meticulously designed and precisely machined out of brass and aluminum to fit your hands perfectly.

100’s of peoples fingers and hands were measured to create finger bed sizes that are distinct and allow for extreme repeatably for hand placement in the body of the release. It truly is the most comfortable release you’ll ever shoot.

Customize your HINGE with an abundanceof release accessories so it fits your hands perfectly. 2-Finger, 3-Finger, 4-Finger and many more options coming soon! Expect a huge diverse line of accessory parts available for the HINGE in the future.

The access hole in the bottom of the release allows for super easy micro adjust. Just use a 1/16” allen key — to make the HINGE slower turn the internal set screw counterclockwise to make it faster turn it clockwise.

Easily swap from click to no-click by switching your hooks. Simply remove the set screw on the head of the release and un-pin the existing hook and replace with a new one. Both the hook and the moon are hardened stainless steel to ensure your click will never wear down over time.


  • 1 HINGE release in brass or aluminum
  • 1 0.020" click or no-click hook pre-installed.
  • 1 Aluminum peg bracket - thumb pegs sold separately
  • 1 Aluminum 3-Finger Funky Finger in flint gray
  • 1 1/16” gold allen key for micro-adjust
  • 1 Certificate of authenticity ensuring you get superior post purchase customer service and a higher re-sale value if you’re crazy enough to ever part ways with your HINGE. (post sales service and warranty transfer with the certificate of authenticity — we recommend not throwing it away.)