UltraView World Archery Scope Kit Without Lens

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The UV2 is much more than just a scope - it is a full scope setup that comes with everything you need including a shade, fiber and lens (if you choose).

*[Lenses that fit - Axcel 31mm, Shrewd 29mm, CR 1 3/8", 1.3555" & 1.350"]

  • The UltraView 2 helps you aim better by providing an obstruction free sight picture.
  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum body
  • The lens cartridge doubles as a shade and fiber spool allowing the fiber to glow super bright without the need for an up pin, just a center drilled lens.
  • Mounts on to Axcel, Shibuya, Sure-Loc, B3, CBE, Black Gold or any sight that accepts 10-32 threaded rods.
  • Easily swap and clean lenses with the keyed lens cartridge without changing your point of impact.