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Bowfinger Archery

Bowfinger 20/20 Scope Kit

Bowfinger 20/20 Scope Kit

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It is our mission to not only provide you with a better made, better performing scope but a scope to help you see your pin and target better, execute your shot better and overall perform better.

The 20/20 Scope also provides you with more customization options and features than any other archery scope on the market today. The 20/20 Scope has 35 total add-on accessories available to choose from and all pieces of the scope kit contain matching threads so you customize your scope kit how you would like before even adding any accessories.

Scope Kit Includes:
  • Scope Housing
  • Lens Base
  • Short Shade
  • Long Shade
  • Peep Ring


    • Pin groove keeps pin straight and fiber behind the pin
    • Nine 8/32 tapped holes for attaching light kit: One angled to intersect center of lens for illuminating a colored dot
    • All 20/20 components are interchangeable with matching threads
    • 5/16 Mounting Slot accepts a hex or square mounting shaft
    • 8 Pin Mounting Positions
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