Gas Pro Eagle 6.2 Premade Arrows

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Gas Pro Carbon Eagle Arrow is engineering to lead Field, 3D and Hunting games, with ultra fast performance, consistency and durability. Features full Carbon Technology, Guaranteed straightness +/-. 0001” and weight tolerance +/- 1 grain. Excellent choice for compounds. This Eagle Arrow Special edition fly with Gas Pro GH-200 Plastic Vanes Fletched in Italy.

Available Spine and Weight per Inch:

  • Spine 300 (8.8gr), Fletched with 2 Vanes Red and 1 Black, Red Nock
  • Spine 400 (7.5gr), Fleched with 2 Vanes Blue and 1 Yellow, Red Nock
  • Spine 500 (6.2gr), Fleched with 2 Vanes Yellow and 1 White, Red Nock
  • Spine 600 (6.0gr), Fletched with 2 Vanes Red and 1 Yellow, Red Nock
  • Spine 700 (5.2gr), Fletched with 2 Vanes White and 1 Red, Red Nock

Fly like an Eagle to your Spot Destination!

Length 31"
Internal Diameter 6.2 mm
Straightness +/- 0.001"
Weight to +/- 1 grain
Material full carbon
Ideal For traditional, olympic, compound and barebows
Components Included Gas Pro Eagle 6.2 Nock, Gas Pro 6.2 Point Insert, Gas Pro 6.2 Screw in 80gr point, Gas Pro GH-200 Vanes
Notes Aluminium Point Insert not Glued