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GasPro Archery

Gas Pro Energy 8.0 Shafts

Gas Pro Energy 8.0 Shafts

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Gas Pro Energy is the perfect arrow for the highest levels of competition! Designed to lead Indoor 18mt tournaments, developed with High performance 24 TON carbon technology that guarantees excellent flexibility for an ultimate arrow forgiveness, wide range of spines available, lightweight mass and maximum precision to win. Gas Pro Energy 8.0 is part of 23 carbon shafts series the largest diameter arrow allowed under World Archery Federation (WAF). Guaranteed straightness +/-. 0001'' and weight tolerance +/- 1 grain.

Available Spine and Weight per Inch:

  • 300 (7.9gr)
  • 400 (7.0gr)
  • 500 (6.3gr)
  • 600 (5.9gr) 

Boost your Shot with new Energy to Win!


Length 31"
Internal Diameter 8 mm
Straightness +/- 0.001"
Weight to +/- 1 grain
Material carbon of 24 TON
Ideal For compound bow, great for olympic bows and barebows
Components Included Gas Pro 8.0 Eagle Pin
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