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GasPro Archery

Gas Pro Evo 3.2 Shafts

Gas Pro Evo 3.2 Shafts

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Micro Diameter Carbon EVO is the Gas Pro Flagship arrow designed for long-range target maximum precision. Best choice for Recurve, Barebow and Compoundbow Indoor-Outdoor Shooting. Micro Diameter 3.2mm I.D. and the high mass ratio helps shooters in any field with any wheather condition. No compromise for Gas Pro, we use Top carbon quality for unmatched target precision: Build with Evo 30-TON Premium Carbon with guarantee streightness +/- 0.001'' and weight tollerance within +/- 0.7 grains.

Spines Available and Weight Chart:

  • Spine 400 (9.4gr)
  • Spine 500 (8.6gr)
  • Spine 600 (7.5gr)
  • Spine 700 (7.0gr)
  • Spine 800 (6.2gr)
  • Spine 900 (6.0gr)
  • Spine 1000 (5.5gr)

Welcome to the Micro Diameter Carbon Revolution

Length 32"
Internal Diameter 3.2 mm
Straightness +/- 0.001"
Weight +/- 0.7 grains
Material Evo Premium Carbon of 30 TON
Ideal For recurve, barebow, compound
Components Included EVO 3.2 PIN in aluminum
Notes Stainless steel points, tungsten points, vanes and nocks sold separately



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