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GasPro Archery

Gas Pro Flash Glue Accelerator

Gas Pro Flash Glue Accelerator

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If you are looking for maximum adhesion, the use of the activator for glue GAS PRO FLASH GLUE ACCELERATOR is the ideal product! Applying it directly to the shaft, once dry, the activator prepares the shaft of any type (carbon, aluminum or wood) for the fletching session. Once the vane rests on the shaft, the glue itself is immediately activated and therefore the adhesion on the arrow and on the vane . Furthermore, while a normal fletching step takes about a minute per vane, thanks to the activator for Cyanoacrylate glue, the fletching time half than usual. Simply press the fletcher pliers for a few seconds, let the glue act for a few seconds more and it will already be possible to turn the shaft and proceed with the next fletching. It is recommended to apply the spray in batches of 6 rods at a time to optimize the application time and the performance of the accelerator itself.


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