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Mybo Revolution 37

Mybo Revolution 37

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What does it take to create a Revolution?

12 months of design and prototyping, countless hours of testing and re-designs all coming together to create our finest target bow to date.
Introducing the 2021 Revolution!

Completely re-imagined from the ground up. With its new riser geometry, enhanced pocket system, refined slimline grip, and an all new optimised 4 track cam system which delivers the perfect blend of speed and smoothness. Every part of the Mybo Revolution is designed to give you an advantage on the tournament field.

Tuning the Revolution couldn’t be simpler with its new enhanced limb alignment system; developed from the tried and tested alignment blocks featured on our previous models, the new micro adjust alignment system allows you to make fine adjustments as you go, without the need for a bow press. Getting the perfect tune has never been so easy!

Even small details such as the arrow shelf have been refined. The bow comes with two shelf plate options. One for those that like the feel and security of a raised arrow shelf, and a flush fitting option for those that like uninhibited finger placement of a shelf-less grip.

The new Revolution cam system has been developed to incorporate the advantages of a fixed modular system with the convenience of a rotating module.

We understand that adjustability is important, especially when it comes to your draw length, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of performance.

Typically, a rotating module will vary the draw profile and feel across the draw length range. To overcome this, we use 2 different modules to cover the full draw length range, each one correcting this variation for it’s given range to maintain a consistent feel in every setting.

In addition to this, our 8.5” draw length range is split over 3 cam sizes. A ‘one cam fits all’ approach is not our approach. We prefer to match the cam size to its natural draw length range, rather than trying to maximise its adjustability at any cost.

Draw length can now be adjusted in ¼” increments without the need of a bow press and let-off can be adjusted between 55 and 80% through the sliding cable stop.

The result is a cam that performs and feels consistent in every draw length position, long or short.

Looking to take your shooting to the next level? Then its time you joined our Revolution!

Fitted with Regin Bowstrings as standard.

Standard Specifications
Axle to Axle 40″ 37″ 34″
Brace Height 7.5″ 7″ 6.5″
Mass Weight 5 lbs 4.8 lbs 4.6 lbs
Cam Revolution Revolution Revolution
Let off 55-80% 55-80% 55-80%
Speed 310-315 320-325 330-335
Standard Max Draw Weights 40, 50, 60 40, 50, 60 40, 50, 60
Custom Max Draw Weights 35, 45, 55, 65 35, 45, 55, 65, 70 35, 45, 55, 65, 70
Poundage Reduction 6 Turns (-15%) 6 Turns (-15%) 6 Turns (-15%)
Base Cam R  Combined Range 28.5″-32.5″ 27.25″-31.25″ 26″-30″
Module R3 (Included) 28.5″-30.5″ 27.25″-29.25″ 26″-28″
Module R2 (Included) 29.75″-31.75″ 28.5″-30.5″ 27.25″-29.25″
Module R1* (Sold Separately) 31.75″-32.5″ 30.5″-31.25″ 29.25″-30″
Base Cam M  Combined Range 27″-29.75″ 25.75″-28.5″ 24.5″-27.25″
Module M3 (Included) 27″-28.75″ 25.75″-27.5″ 24.5″-26.25″
Module M2 (Included) 28″-29.75″ 26.75″-28.5″ 25.5″-27.25″
Base Cam S  Combined Range 25″-28″ 23.75″-26.75″ 22.5″-25.5″
Module S3 (Included) 25″-27.25″ 23.75″-26″ 22.5″-24.75″
Module S2 (Included) 27″-28″ 25.75″-26.75″ 24.5″-25.5″


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